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Social media conversations must be fresh and relevant for impact

David Ogilvy said “your consumer is not a moron, she is your wife,” to remind us that it is real people we are talking to in our advertising. We can apply the same principles in social media conversations for more impact.

Companies can develop future markets and talent through CSR

The great emperors of the past created systems to develop and sustain vast standing armies and in with the same foresight, companies can grow their customer universe and develop their future workforces.

The comedy of Twitter’s 280 character experiment

When Twitter launched 11 years ago it was purely a social network, but over time they have come under pressure to grow it as a media channel. There decision to extend the character limit was met with criticism.

The secret behind Apple’s marketing success; core values

Apple has consistently held showcase events every year to demonstrate their latest innovations and new products. These events, and their tech, have however become predictable.

Leverage Kenya’s rich history to attract investors and tourists

The country was able to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat when the positive spin around the bungled elections went global.