In the last decade we experience radio audience fragmentation that led to increased engagement and better connections. Online advertising can take a couple of points from this in order to improve the ROI numbers.

When Safaricom and Rotary clubs in Kenya agreed to collaborate to deepen their impact on community projects, the Arthur Page Society’s model of activating corporate character and authentic advocacy came to mind.

Banning polythene packaging doesn’t solve the problem of waste management in the long term. A levy charged to the manufacturers of polythene could instead be invested in public education programs, a behavioral change ad campaign and the development of a recycling infrastructure.

Ignore those ‘haters’ that continuously appear on your time line and criticise everything you say or share.

Clichés have creeped into our advertising creative because clients want campaigns delivered yesterday. Is there anything we can do about this?

The growth of interactive advertising depends on awareness of its impact, vivid demonstrations of success and definitive measurement of the results.

Working with brand influencers is not easy and it requires a deliberate strategy to leverage on their ability to engage audiences.

This speech was presented on the 22nd of April 2017 after the election to serve as District Governor Nominee Designate of Rotary District 9212.

An increase in brand building activity is required to make local vehicle manufacturing viable in Kenya.

When it comes to brand choices, family and friends have the biggest influence because they form the most meaningful connections on social networks.