Family & friends are most influential in social marketing

When it comes to brand choices, family and friends have the biggest influence because they form the most meaningful connections on social networks.


Branding a multicultural organization depends on universal truths

During the ‘cola wars’ between Coke & Pepsi in the eighties, Pepsi launched a campaign dubbed ‘the choice of a new generation’. Unfortunately when translated to Chinese the same campaign tagline said ‘bring your ancestors back from the dead with Pepsi’. History is full of stories that highlight the challenges international brands face when creating […]

The digital revolution was created by hackers, geniuses and geeks

The origin of the tech industry and the advancements that have created the worlds wealthiest people is summed up beautifully in the words of Brutus in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, “There is a tide in the affairs of men, which taken at the flood, leads on to fortune.” In recognizing the motivation in men and taking […]

2017 may just be the year of mergers and acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are a natural part of civilization and throughout history the greatest empires have been created from a combination of communities, resources and cultures for the greater good, whether it was achieved peacefully or through war. Its no surprise, however, that over the years we have seen the same empires crumble and […]

Good news for advertisers in the internet penetration numbers

Common wisdom states that in the average WhatsApp group 1 out of every 5 people is a joker, which is a relatively high proportion because even a deck of cards has only 2 jokers in a pack of 54. Our interests are however around the number of influencers in each WhatsApp group and their power […]

Solar power is the key to universal internet access

Currently, online media is only second to radio in audience reach thanks largely to established mobile telephony and data networks across the country. The possibility of internet access surpassing radio’s reach is around the corner due to the impressive developments in the solar energy field that make electricity affordable for low income homes that have […]

Counties without a communications plan are at the mercy of the media

I was watching Mozambique television while waiting in the hotel lobby of the Polana Serena Hotel in Maputo some time ago, and couldn’t help to notice how enjoyable the advertising was. Being in the audience research field at the time, I also observed the other viewers around me consisting of the guests and staff who […]

Local beauty and fashion brands can learn from their global counterparts

The future belongs to local brands! I got a glimpse of this in Zambia where local beverage companies are winning the day in marketshare and revenue through providing products developed for local consumer tastes and being more responsive to their market dynamics. Most people think that big brand are too big to fail even though […]