Celebrity endorsements are costly but with good return-on-investment

One of the things about highly competitive market segments is that brands tend to use the concept of ‘monkey see, monkey do’, in that they follow similar strategies for visibility, brand appeal and sales. The incremental one percent in advertising share doesn’t shift the needle even though it represents a substantial investment. To drive differentiation, […]

Branding a multicultural organization depends on universal truths

During the ‘cola wars’ between Coke & Pepsi in the eighties, Pepsi launched a campaign dubbed ‘the choice of a new generation’. Unfortunately when translated to Chinese the same campaign tagline said ‘bring your ancestors back from the dead with Pepsi’. History is full of stories that highlight the challenges international brands face when creating […]

Sports personalities can have economic and social influence

Kenyans are known for many things, yet one attribute that particularly stands out is the natural talent we possess for long distance running and our ability to bag all the available international marathon top prizes. After every win, our sports stars get the prerequisite headlines in the sports segments of the news. Occasionally they may […]

Brand ambassadors need more than words to promote Nairobi

Congratulations to you because your city has been ranked the third best city to visit in 2017 by the British travel publisher Rough Guides. Coming after Paris, France and Isfahan, Iran, the report mentions our greatly endangered Nairobi National Park as one of the major sights that travelers need to visit, and to be sarcastic, […]

The digital revolution was created by hackers, geniuses and geeks

The origin of the tech industry and the advancements that have created the worlds wealthiest people is summed up beautifully in the words of Brutus in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, “There is a tide in the affairs of men, which taken at the flood, leads on to fortune.” In recognizing the motivation in men and taking […]