Solar power is the key to universal internet access

Currently, online media is only second to radio in audience reach thanks largely to established mobile telephony and data networks across the country. The possibility of internet access surpassing radio’s reach is around the corner due to the impressive developments in the solar energy field that make electricity affordable for low income homes that have […]

Counties without a communications plan are at the mercy of the media

I was watching Mozambique television while waiting in the hotel lobby of the Polana Serena Hotel in Maputo some time ago, and couldn’t help to notice how enjoyable the advertising was. Being in the audience research field at the time, I also observed the other viewers around me consisting of the guests and staff who […]

5 things you need to win communications industry awards

The 2016 award seasons is over. The APAs (Association of Practitioners in Advertising), the MSK (Marketing Society of Kenya) Gala Awards, and the PRSK (Public Relations Society of Kenya) Awards for Excellence were all held in Nairobi over the last month. I’d like to dedicate this moment to the winners, those who put their best […]

Competing for audience attention requires significant investments in content

Going off the beaten track is difficult especially when you have ambitious marketing KPIs to meet in business environments that are monitoring your short term achievements as an indication of projected performance. I see many marketing executives throw their hands up in resignation and then walk the straight and narrow, staying squarely within the box […]

It’s hard to uncover insights when you don’t know what questions to ask

I once had to train a mixed group of English and Japanese speakers which was a daunting task even though there was simultaneous translation running throughout the session. It was one of those training sessions where the facilitator gains much more than the participants do because I had the opportunity to observe certain cultural nuances […]

What government can learn from brand management

Several years ago, we worked on the rebranding of a coffee shop chain that belonged to a shrewd businessman who was more interested in the nuts and bolts of business, rather than the coating or packaging of it. Most of our ideas didn’t see the light of day, and when a competitor launched a café […]

Local beauty and fashion brands can learn from their global counterparts

The future belongs to local brands! I got a glimpse of this in Zambia where local beverage companies are winning the day in marketshare and revenue through providing products developed for local consumer tastes and being more responsive to their market dynamics. Most people think that big brand are too big to fail even though […]

Use gamification to create unique and memorable customer experiences

Sports betting globally is valued at a trillion U.S. dollars a year according to Statista. Industry insights also indicate that low income earners form the majority of the gambling public because they are looking for ways out of their struggle and hope to find their fortune through lotteries and games of chance. Money may be […]

We need more role models in society to drive a positive culture

You can’t build a reputation based on what you intend to do, or what you haven’t done yet. Character is built on achievements you have made, the relationships that you have developed and the public image established from the values that you hold dear. The saying ‘trust trust arrives on foot and departs on horseback’ […]