Media research should focus on content and engagement over reach

Getting reliable media data with digital media in mind is the focus of this years PAMRO conference in Cape Town.


Good news for advertisers in the internet penetration numbers

Common wisdom states that in the average WhatsApp group 1 out of every 5 people is a joker, which is a relatively high proportion because even a deck of cards has only 2 jokers in a pack of 54. Our interests are however around the number of influencers in each WhatsApp group and their power […]

Africa media research in a globally connected world

We are about the witness unprecedented changes to the advertising and media world. Most people think that it will be a revolution and others believe it will be an evolution, but either way the changes are coming. 40 years ago, experts began to predict the death of the thirty second TV commercial yet it is […]

Reluctance to share data hinders advertising ROI measurement

I’ve worked with many companies that measure the outcomes of marketing activities for measurement’s sake; tick the box and duly report that the exercise is complete. When I was in research, this not only saddened me, but it also threatened the future of our services because soon enough our data would be deemed to have […]

Strengthen the media sector through better research

The top brands wouldn’t dare advertise without using audience measurement data because when you cross a certain threshold of expenditure you can’t gamble your resources. Last year Ksh. 105 billion worth of advertising on television, radio and newspapers was traded in Kenya using a media currency based on audience research data. Kenya is one of […]

Keep an eye on media dynamics to align your marketing resources

Good insight creates a whole new way of thinking; it is generally a disturbance in discourse and while we may have awesome data at our fingertips, not knowing what to do with that data renders it obsolete and ineffective. When speaking to business students they often ask when it is necessary to conduct comprehensive research […]

Select the right target audience to increase advertising effectiveness

When the managers of Caltex walked into our offices and started talking about their high value customers, we thought they were talking about people who drive gas guzzling four-wheel-drives and luxury sedans. We discovered, on the contrary, that their high value customers are people who spend most of their time driving including taxi drivers, bus […]

The costly gap between the corporate vision and marketing goals

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half!” said John Wanamaker at the start of the last century. He was a proponent of the advertising industry and a pioneer in marketing. If we assume that Wanamaker was right and apply that thought to your marketing budget […]

Clearly defining your problem leads to better advertising results

Diageo is a company that I greatly respect. They are a leading alcoholic beverage company that has an impressive corporate social responsibility element that isn’t spoken about as far as CSR is concerned. This is the area of empowering partners and suppliers so that they can work together to build their brands. The effect of […]